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Nonprofit Support

Nonprofits may be managed by some of the most dedicated volunteers imaginable, but sometimes they may just need a little bit of extra help. Non-profits also may need an expert in a specific area that they have not yet mastered, or don’t have the time for. At Upstream Administration we have over 20 years of practice working with non-profits, in several different capacities, and we would be proud to help you grow your non-profit and reach your goal of best assisting your donors and those who receive your services.

Administration & Financial Management

  • Create and maintain databases (including sponsors, vendors, and volunteers)
  • Assist with board meetings and board correspondence
  • Manage bookkeeping and annual budgeting process and create reports
  • Manage tax process, including working with all appropriate government entities and your tax preparer
  • Assist with creation of non-profit corporation

Fundraising & Grant Management

  • Develop donor stewardship program
  • Find and apply for organization appropriate grants
  • Determine appropriate sponsors and solicit sponsorships
  • Develop sponsorship packages
  • Develop relationships with corporate donors

Marketing & Social Media Management

  • Manage social media accounts and campaigns
  • Create, manage and update website
  • Develop and maintain email campaigns
  • Write mailers and newsletters
  • Design marketing materials

Event & Project Management

  • Find speakers and presenters for events
  • Create event plans, manage tasks, and market events to participants
  • Develop fundraising plans for individual events
  • Manage volunteers for events
  • Help with program development and implementation

Below are a few of the local non-profits that we are proud to work with:

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