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Small business owners and entrepreneurs are passionate and hard-working with a strong belief in their business and their ability to succeed…but being a business owner is not easy. There are many balls to juggle, forms to sign, people to talk to, marketing plans to update…the list may seem endless.

No matter how dedicated you are, it’s hard for you to be good at all of the little details it takes to run a successful business. For each hour you spend working ON your business you have now lost an hour that you could have spent working IN your business. Updating your website means you are not making customer calls. Tracking accounts payable means you are not finding new accounts. Formatting and posting another social media post means that you are not spending time delivering the services that you have promised. And doing these things all by yourself may mean that you have a hard time finding a good work-life balance.

That’s where Upstream Administration comes in.  We help you be productive, not busy.

Our team has a background in customer service, technical support, office administration, graphic design, web design and maintenance, marketing and social media, and bookkeeping. We also have a strong background in and knowledge of all aspects of non-profit management.

There are many different reasons to work with Upstream Administration. To learn more about how we can help you spend more time doing what you’re good at while we take care of the rest, click here or email us at

Don’t be busy. Be productive.

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