About Us

Do what you’re good at. We’ll take care of the rest.

About us

When we opened Upstream Administration in 2012, our goal was to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profits become more successful and productive by helping them make better use of their time. Now, in 2021, with businesses models changing, Upstream Administration is ready to help you manage the ever-changing chaos and reach your goals!

Being a business owner is not easy. There are many balls to juggle, forms to sign, people to talk to, marketing plans to update…the list may seem endless, and NOBODY can be good at everything.

That’s where Upstream Administration comes in.  We help you be productive, not busy.

Our team has a background in customer service, technical support, office administration, graphic design, web design and maintenance, marketing and social media, and bookkeeping for both traditional and non-profit businesses. And if we don’t know how to do something, we know someone who does and can introduce you!

It’s time to let someone help you so you get can back to helping your customers.

To learn more about how we can help you spend more time doing what you’re good at while we take care of the rest, click here or email us at [email protected].

Why Outsource Your Tasks?

  • For each hour you spend working ON your business you have now lost an hour that you could have spent working IN your business.
  • Updating your website means you are not making customer calls.
  • Tracking accounts payable means you are not finding new accounts.
  • Formatting and posting another social media post means that you are not spending time delivering the services that you have promised.
  • And doing these things all by yourself may mean that you have a hard time finding a good work-life balance.

Meet Stephanie Hill

Owner of Upstream Administration

After spending 15 years working for first a publicly traded global company, then a small local business, Stephanie decided to open her own business. Her goal was to help small businesses grow into larger ones with the skills she learned through her own work experience. Being your own boss isn’t easy, but Stephanie wouldn’t give it up for anything!

With a strong background in operations management, marketing, and non-profit management Stephanie is always happy to share her knowledge with the business community. She also loves learning new things as industry and business trends change.

When she is not working on the business, you can find Steph:

1. Enjoying water sports – swimming and kayaking are personal favorites, and, despite her lack of balance, she plans on taking on paddle boarding this year.

2. Watching movies – she is partial to action movies but will take suspense and crime drama in a pinch. (And, if we are honest, she won’t turn down a GOOD romantic comedy or comedy horror movie.)

3.  Reading everything – from self help books to romances, they are all over the office.

4. Volunteering for some of the local non-profits she is passionate about. (In a normal year of course!)

5.  And finally, spending time with her family, friends, and cats. (Way too many cats. But that’s a different story!)